Assisted Reproduction  

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¿Where do kids come from? Since the theories omitting the biological aspect such as the stork, Paris or the cabbage weakened, answering that question started to become easier for parents. However, these days it has turned again into a difficult question to answer. Kids can come either from the sexual union of mum and dad or their non-sexual union, meaning for example their ovules and spermatozoids joined in an In vitro fecundation, or else the mother and a semen donor, the father and an ovule donor, two donors and the mother’s womb, two donors and a third woman who lent us her uterus…

Assisted Reproduction Techniques are techniques of gynecological manipulation meant to help, modify or substitute processes which are supposed to occur spontaneously in the feminine genital apparatus.

They must be differentiated from those genetic manipulations in which the embryo’s genome is modified.



The techniques are:

AI. Artificial Insemination

It consists in introducing spermatozoids through a catheter in the feminine genital apparatus (in the uterus). The man’s spare sperm is frozen for a future fecundation.

CAI. Homologue or Conjugal Artificial Insemination
DAI. Heterologue or Donor Artificial Insemination

IVF. In Vitro Fecundation

Fecundation is carried out in a test tube for the embryo to be later implanted in the maternal uterus previously having stimulated the ovule and trained the semen. These two therapeutic tools are used in mostly all the techniques.

SET. Embryo transference or subrogated maternity

The embryo formed in the genital apparatus of an In Vitro or artificial inseminated woman is transferred to another woman.

Assisted reproduction is nowadays being used with marketing purposes. Single mothers, mothers and grandmothers at the same time, menopausal mothers, widow mothers, etc.


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[1] Paper published in the magazine of Psychologyst's Official Association of Catalunia, Spring, 2006



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