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The treatment of eternal youth against menopause [1] 




The author denounces in this article the pharmaceutics’ mercantile strategy to turn the physiological process of menopause into an illness. The Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT), which is being used to medicate lots of women, not only aims at suppressing the symptoms of menopause, but also at delaying the aging process: the promise of eternal youth implies, according to the specialist, serious risks for its receptors.


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[1] Paper published in the magazine "Diagonal", Barcelona, September 2007


Why a vaccine… instead of more cytologies? [1] 

Uterine neck cancer…Papilloma virus…vaccine

The human papilloma virus is transmitted by contact (not by fluids) during sexual intercourses.

The use of condom lowers the contagion, but it doesn’t eliminate it.

Some types of human papilloma virus have oncogenic capacity, and provoke uncontrolled mitosis, dysplasia, carcinoma in situ and uterine neck cancer.

Having the virus is a necessary but not sufficient condition to develop a cancer.

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[1] Paper published in the magazine "Diagonal", Barcelona, November 2007


Women without menstruation? [1] 

Contraceptive pill that suppresses menstruation

No much further than last week the Lybrel pill was approved in the United States. Its continuous hormone supply makes menstruation disappear (it is taken the 365 days of the year).

Those of us who are in daily contact with gynecological clinic know how difficult it is for women to recover a normal menstruation or get pregnant after having taken hormonal contraceptives for a long time. It is difficult to believe in an immediate recovery of menstruation (one of the argumentations of the pharmacological industry) and ovulation after having abolished them chemically.

In general, women are not informed about the side effects the use of high doses of estrogens may cause. This dose is much higher if the aim is to completely abolish the menstrual period. A hyperestrogenic state can lead to complications such as breast cancer, uterine cancer, obesity, an increase of autoimmune illnesses, thrombosis, a diminution or lack of libido leading to a lack of sexual appetite.

Abolishing the cycle aggressively ignoring its consequences in the long term can be dangerous. As dangerous as it was, some time ago, the abusive consumption of oral contraceptive methods which nowadays proves its incidence in the increase of women suffering from cancer in first world societies.
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[1] Paper published in the magazine "Diagonal", Barcelona, June 2007



Women receiving hormones for life [1]


Contraceptive methods and their implications in women’s health

The author analyzes how the woman has been held responsible for the development and use of contraceptive methods, and how medical progress has only taken place with regards to hormonal methods at the expense of other harmless ones. Hormonal stimulation would accompany women from adolescence to menopause.

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[1] Paper published in the magazine "Diagonal" Nº37, Barcelona, September 2006




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