Fernando Botero - Pintor y escultor colombiano  (Medellín Colombia 1932)


Menopause is one more stage in women’s vital cycle. It is mainly characterized by the declination of the ovarian function resulting in the cease of menstruation. There are as many ways of experiencing this biological step as existing women. This process may be either asymptomatic or with many symptoms dependable on the hormonal change produced in the body as well as on psychological elements always present in our lives.

In this stage the ovaries stop producing the necessary amount of estrogens and progesterone to generate menstruation, but in general, they continue segregating smaller amounts of estrogens during much more time, sometimes many more years. Given the fact that there still is estrogenic function in the body, there may be no reason to add hormones externally. If menopause comes naturally, that is to say it doesn’t come precociously or caused by a pathology (clinic or surgical), the body is supposed to be prepared to undergo it.

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