Assisted Reproduction  




Carolina Puga

Sociologist specialized in migrations
Barcelona, June 2006

The little seed issue


Where do kids come from? The question which little by little had started to become easier for parents to answer has turned again into a difficult matter.


Kids can come either from the sexual union of mum and dad or their non-sexual union, meaning for example their ovules and spermatozoids joined in an In vitro fecundation, or else the mother and a semen donor, the father and an ovule donor, two donors and the mother’s womb, two donors and a third woman who lent us her uterus…


The new and not so new guidelines on reproduction burst into our society nowadays with a strength which responds not only to scientific progress but also to demographic problems . They are socially accepted, legally legitimated and part of many of the services offered by lots of public sanitary systems.


The vertiginous way in which the procedures and possibilities have grown (not only for the ones who want to be parents but also for those who can think of a donation) as well as the decisions to be taken at a political, juridical and economical level, have turned the revision of its terms into a necessary, permanent but also urgent task. The problems and proposals of these new options exceed the mere juridical or medical area and claim for other sectors’ commitment.


As an explosion, the old tale of the little seed has been decomposed into a multiplicity of different narrations whose main characters are not two or three any more. Social mums and dads, donors, subrogated mothers, doctors, scientists, the State, justice and, not to forget, girls and boys to be born conform a complex scenario presenting multiple possible angles. It is this article’s attempt to provide some elements and ideas allowing a serious and critical analysis we believe cannot wait.


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