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Headaches and Homeopathy



The most important ally we have to face our health problems is inside ourselves and it manifests itself in different ways, such as through the symptoms or the illnesses.

Homeopathic medicine acts stimulating the natural and innate capacity of every human being to defend, adapt and heal themselves.

What allows the homeopathic doctor to “identify” each patient as unique and different from the others are the symptoms of the illness and the characteristics of each sick person in particular.

This is achieved through a thorough interview with the patient in order to know all those individual traits which make that patient different from others who, even having the same illness, will suffer and manifest it in a different and peculiar way.

Therefore, the treatment will also be unique and different.

Homeopathy treats not only the acute illness but also the authentic internal disequilibrium of the patient helping the organism reestablish its health.

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