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Flow: natural medicines



The genital flow constitutes a very common reason for gynecological consultation. The genital channel in women is open to the exterior and there aren’t mechanic barriers which avoid the entrance of germs. The occlusion of the introitus because of the lips, as well as the vagina’s anatomical shape (being a virtual cavity), are defense mechanisms by themselves.

Normally, the vagina constitutes an acid area due to the action of the Doderlein´s bacillus (always present in cytology) which lives in it. Any change in the vagina’s pH favors infections, either of the germs which are usually in it, or the ones in the exterior. Therefore, the first therapeutic and natural measure that can be taken is to rectify the vagina’s pH.

  • Infections by fungus

  • Infections by trichomonad or gardnerella

  • To normalize an anomalous flow

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