Female diseases  

Mammary dysplasia and mammography



Fibrocystic mastopathy is a benign mammary dysplasia which constitutes a very frequent illness at women’s different ages.

It is usually accompanied by cysts formations and an increase of the gland’s fibroid tissue.

These cysts can be controlled with scans once they have been found and localized by carrying out a mammography. If the cyst’s size is bigger than one cm, it should be punctured and its content analyzed through pathological anatomy. However, if the cyst is smaller, there may be other alternatives.

Evening primrose oil is a very advisable treatment for this illness, especially when used for a long time.

Mammary dysplasia is, as any other illness, an expression of disequilibrium in the organism or the person in general, reason why the homeopathic treatment is adequate since it will contemplate, due to its condition of holistic medicine, wider aspects than just the mammary gland itself, helping the pathology to improve or not to keep progressing. Furthermore, there are specific homeopathic medicines for mammary dysplasia.

Unfortunately, the mammography is not a harmless diagnostic method. It consists of radiations which, used in a continuous way, may become carcinogenic. Due to the fact that scans don’t produce such effect, I suggest using them for the follow-up of the illness. However, mammographies shouldn’t be ruled out every two or three years, since they let us see incipient lesions not detected by scans.



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