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Ovarian Cysts



Ovarian Cysts are a very frequent pathology.

Some of them spontaneously remit and others require treatment.
They usually produce a functional symptomatology such as disorders of the menstrual cycle due to the disequilibrium between estrogens and progesterone.
They are called functional cysts being the follicular ones, originated in the ovarian follicle, the most frequent. They are usually smaller than 5 cm, unique or multiple.
But there are other kinds of cysts in the ovaries which are not functional and usually asymptomatic: the neoplastic ones. This is a serious pathology which requires urgent treatment. Unfortunately as symptoms are not presented, or they are subtle and scarce, it is not possible to diagnose them precociously, except by means of a scan.

The anamnesis and clinic exploration, the gynecological examination and the transvaginal scan is what lead us to an accurate diagnosis as well as differential from other pelvic pathologies.
It is because of all this that, when an ovarian cyst is detected, finding out the type and having an accurate diagnosis are essential. Based on that the following steps can be taken…


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