Reflections on contraception  

Something more than a method [1]


The words “contraception” or “family planning” are quite distant from defining the relationship between the use of the method and the woman.

Talking about contraceptive methods is talking about women since they are the ones who consult, use most of the methods, and practically take the responsibility for this topic.

Contraceptive methods allow us to enjoy the pleasure produced by coitus, as well as it helps us preserve ourselves from an unwanted pregnancy which would probably end up being interrupted. In other words, it is the means by which women can freely decide when, how and who to get pregnant with, if that desire arises one day.

But contraception is also what allows us to separate reproduction from sexual pleasure.


Our body in its physical, emotional and mental dimension is what brings us that pleasure.



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[1] Article published in Magazine Mujer y Salud Nª 20, Barcelona, winter 2006  



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