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Climacteric and Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT)



A new stage in women’s lives

It is the period between the immediate previous stage to menopause and the subsequent 5 years.

It represents, in the same way as adolescence and maternity, a key stage in women’s lives.

These stages are characterized by physical facts, such as menarche (first menstruation) during adolescence, the delivery during maternity and menopause (cease of menstruation) during climacteric which takes place around the age of 45 to 50.

Nowadays, the woman spends a third of her life in the post-menopausal stage.
This represents, from the biological point of view, the end of a woman’s reproductive period and it is characterized by ovarian function declination (in charge of producing estrogens, progesterone, and few quantities of androgen during the fertile period).

From that fact on, a series of phenomena are triggered, some of them directly associated with the cease of hormone production and others involved in changes of lifestyle.

Actually, ovarian function declination starts some time earlier than the cease of menstruation. This is shown in irregularities in the menstrual cycles which precede menopause, such as short or too long cycles, the lack of some of them, etc. But it is the gynaecologist who must diagnose whether these symptoms belong to this phenomenon or to affections with similar signs and symptoms which correspond to severe pathologies.


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