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Vaginal Candidiasis: what is it and how to fight it?



The vaginal infection caused by candida (fungus) is favored by some factors such as the use of antibiotics, corticoids, contraceptive pill, pregnancy, diabetes, too tight underwear, immersions in high chlorinated swimming pools, the use of pantiliners of synthetic fabric, and allergies to perfumes or local soaps called “intimate”.

It is a very common infection, a high number of women in the world suffer from it unfailingly along their lives. In fact, this fungus is always present in our skins and digestive tract, but it is controlled by other non-pathological microorganisms.

In the same way, they live in the vagina without necessarily infecting it.

In order for them to infect, the biological equilibrium has to be broken, allowing these usual inhabitants to become aggressive enough to infect the vagina. If this occurs, symptoms appear at the beginning many times as slight pains that start increasing later on. They are: ardor and itching in the vagina, white and dense flow as sour milk or yogurt, irritation and vulvar reddening. These pains become worse when menstruation comes closer and many times the interest in sex is lost since after the coitus the symptoms worsen.



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