Homeopathic Medicine  

Allopathy and Homeopathy




Mechanicist Model


Holistic Model


1- The organism is divided into parts


1- The organism is considered as a Whole

2- Body and mind are separated

2- Body and mind are in a Functional Unit: physical, emotional and mental aspects.


3- Humoral physiology

3- Energetic physiology


4- Group of humors

4- Animated by Vital Force


5- The body is considered as a machine in good or bad conditions

5- The body is considered as a dynamic system integrated into other systems (family, social, etc.)


6- The illness is seen as an “enemy” to be eliminated or suppressed.


6- The illness is seen as a “process” in which the individual asks for help


7- Self-healing capacity is not taken into account

7- Self-healing or defensive capacity is promoted


8- Treats the symptoms to eliminate or suppress them

8- Treats the symptoms as defense mechanisms or guides


9- “Standard” treatment

9- Individual treatment


10- Everybody suffers in the same way

10- Each person expresses him/herself according to their particular characteristics 

11- Emphasis laid on the diagnosis of the illness


11- Emphasis laid on the diagnosis of the sick person


12- Treatment with medicines opposite to the process


12- Treatment with medicines similar to the process and the person


13- The treatment relies on medicines or surgery

13- the treatment contemplates other options besides medicines (psychotherapy, complementary therapies, etc)


14- The diagnosis relies on objective tests such as analysis, radiographies, etc.

14- It also includes the reacting modality, that is to say the subjectivity


15- The patient depends on the doctor and subordinates to him

15- The patient is involved in the healing process and tries to take care of his own health


16- Prevention depends on what the doctor prescribes or decides to do

16- The patient commits him/herself as they know health is conquered day after day



 Etymologically speaking the word “Homeopathy” comes from the Greek language:

Homios= Alike/Similar Pathos = Illness
Homeo–pathy= Alike/similar illness


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